Investment Process


As a boutique independent investment firm, we are able to cater to our client's specific investment needs whether the objective is capital preservation, income or growth or a combination.

We believe this endeavor is a full time pursuit to deliver our best thinking throughout all economic cycles.

Most our clients are either retired or they are within 10 years of retirement and still have to grow their capital for the future.

As a AIFA® Designee (see home page), our goal is to research best of class in each asset category that we utilize in our portfolios.  As an indendent advisor, we act in our client's best interest.

We do not farm out our money management to outside firms. That is a major difference in our value to our clients.

Our stock process utilizes a value focused momentum based dividend growth approach to research companies with pristine financial statements and their ability to pay dividends in the future.

(Please ask for our white paper outlining our stock research process.)

Our income process uses our independent research to find the most compelling income ideas including but not limited to real estate, annuities and other alternative investments.


We invite you to experience our difference!