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Your Financial Advocate

Craig has established close relationships with his clients for years! 

They rely on him to intelligently build their wealth or design their income through retirement.

In addition, Craig assists with all important financial decisions including but not limited to the following:

  • Implementing the best investment plan which address your direct financial concerns
  • Help evaluating your real estate needs
  • Updating your estate plans to reflect your estate wishes
  • Evaluating your current life insurance policies
  • Maximizing your income based on your assets, income and lifestyle
  • Incorporating tax planning and asset protection
  • Buying or leasing cars
  • Long term health care & guidance for health care options
  • Other financial issues

Many of the above referenced services require the collaboration of allied professionals including but not limited to real estate professionals, real estate attorneys, estate and tax attorneys, auto professionals, health care experts or other insurance professionals.