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Richman Capital Management is a women focused but guy friendly boutique financial consulting practice.

Our true mission is to create an environment where women feel safe and understood, where their concerns are addressed and their new path begins.  With time, patience and guidance, these women begin to rebuild their lives one step at a time moving closer toward financial abundance and happiness.

We are dedicated to working with women to thrive financially.  Craig is an advisor who will listen and take the time to understand your concerns, goals and dreams with no judgment.  He will help you make informed, intelligent decisions around your money, while building a relationship based on trust, transparency and authenticity with excellent communication.

Most of our clients are fun and engaging women who are financially comfortable but are moving through transition due to divorce, death of spouse, retirement or other transition creating uncertainty and unwanted anxiety. They are not sure what their future looks like.  Many spent much of their lives dependent on others to manage their money and are finally ready to take more control and become more engaged in the process. They now want more than just investment advice;  they want to be encouraged, educated and empowered!


We are proud to be a recipient of the Women's Choice Award!

This award is the only national recognition program for well qualified advisors who are committed to the women's market and serving their female clients.

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The Women's Choice Award® (WCA®) Financial Advisor program was created by WomenCertified Inc., being listed is not an endorsement by them or their partners/affiliates and is no guarantee of future investment success.  The award is based on 17 criteria: credentials, experience, regulatory history, etc. Advisors do not pay a fee to be considered or listed.  WCA® Financial Advisors/Firms represent less than 1% of advisors in the U.S. As of 2/2016, of the 783 considered, 122 were awarded.  www.womenschoiceaward.com